Redefining the Edge

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Yale School of Architecture, Spring 2015

Critic: Peggy Deamer

Site: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Designed in partnership with Katherine Stege

Bridgeport, Connecticut currently faces not only economic, cultural, and identity challenges, but also the water management problems threatening all cities along the northeast coastline. In addressing these challenges as applied to the South End and along the Pequonnock River, The Green Spine seeks to connect Bridgeport’s outlying neighborhoods to the downtown area as well as the surrounding region with a boardwalk and park system giving identity to the areas it interacts with, protect the South End and the downtown against water damage through a layered system of defense and acceptance, and engage local communities and regional populations through programmatic nodes focused on recreation, water activities and education, and cultural events.

This new recreational spine begins by extending the Pequonnock River Trail to the coast. Through a system of parks, amenities, and landforms, the Green Spine serves to not only provide a local and regional attraction for Bridgeport, but also to act as a multilayered system of defense providing both constructed layers of resistance as well as passive layers of acceptance and absorption.