Phantom Column

Yale School of Architecture, Spring 2014

Course: Fabrication and Assembly

Site: Rudolph Hall entry stair

Team: Caitlin Thissen, Anne Householder, Lisa Albaugh, Jessica Elliott, Elizabeth LeBlanc

Materials: CNC die cut bristol paper, pine

Published in Retrospecta 37

Extending the solid concrete column bisecting the entry stair to Rudolph hall with a diaphanous and undulating canopy explicitly defines the duality of entry sequence inherent within the stair. By delimiting the projection of the concrete column as a space of potential inhabitation, new forms of interaction with the stair itself as well as with the verticality of the space are encouraged. Spots for standing, sitting, and reclining are defined by the varying heights and curves of the canopy's underbelly, allowing one to face the ghostly structure as an object for viewing as well as a porous screen through which one can view the building encircling it, the street beyond, and the sky above.