Almost Classicism, The Village

Yale School of Architecture, Spring 2016

Critic: Kersten Geers

Precedent Study: Fagnano Olano School, Aldo Rossi

Almost Classicism, Architecture Without Content in it’s 19th incarnation, studies the covered field of suburbia and the open field of middle America in order to explore the possibility of a new kind of ‘commons’ in what was once ‘the village.’ Looking to Robert Venturi, Kevin Roche, Scamozzi, and Aldo Rossi as ‘ancestors,’ This search for the village commons looks to the typological and formal qualities inherent in these precedents in order to measure them against the current state of affairs in the American field. Are the city halls, police stations, fire stations, and schools of the past also the commons of tomorrow, or must we revise our understanding of commons for the ever expanding field?